Cat Food Brands

This information is for cats.
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Name Average Score Type(s) Website # of Foods in Database
Acana B Kibble 5
Blue Wilderness C Kibble, Canned 7
Catit A Air-Dried Raw, Kibble 6
Chicken Soup D Kibble 4
Dr. Elsey's B Kibble 2
Earthborn Holistic D Kibble 2
Evolution F Kibble 2
Farmina B Kibble 3
Friskies F Kibble 2
Go! Solutions B Kibble 1
Hill's D Kibble 2
IAMS C Kibble 1
Meow Mix F Kibble 1
Merrick C Kibble 1
Nature's Variety B Kibble, Frozen Raw, Freeze-Dried Raw 14
Natures Menu A Canned 4
Nulo A Kibble, Freeze-Dried Raw 5
Nutrience B Kibble 2
Orijen B Kibble 4
Primal A Frozen Raw 3
Purina C Kibble 3
Rawz A Kibble, Canned 4
Real Meat A+ Air-Dried Raw 4
SquarePet C Kibble 2
Stella & Chewy's A Freeze-Dried Raw, Kibble, Frozen Raw 13
Wellness B Kibble 2
Wysong B Canned 5
Young Again C Kibble 2
ZiwiPeak A+ Air-Dried Raw, Canned 14