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Made by Andrew Weber
Health Director at the Greater Chicago Ferret Association

I originally made the website Ferret Love to help spread information about healthy ferret diets and combat all the misinformation out there.

I realized that since ferrets and cats are both obligate carnivores and biologically very similar, cat owners could benefit from this information too. Thus CatFoodChart.com was born.

For the most part, the information on each site is the same. However, some of the scoring is slightly different - ferrets are very sensitive to peas in their diet, so any food with even a trace amount of peas in it will get a failing grade, while for cats they only slightly negatively impact the score.

I am more knowledgeable about ferrets, and greatly appreciate any corrections. However, I hope you can understand that I am a huge animal lover and am choosing to dedicate my time and energy towards this project. You can trust that I will never link to anything unhealthy for the sake of profit.

How to support this website

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Email me at: andrew@catfoodchart.com

Mission Statement

My goal is to freely share information about feline diets to improve the lives of cats around the world. 100% of profits generated through ads, referrals, sales, etc. will be donated to animal charities. Ko-fi donations will go towards caring for my own rescued animals and website costs. I will never link to or attempt to profit on products that are dangerous or unhealthy.

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