This information is for cats.
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Website: acana.com

Last updated: (1 year ago)

Is Acana a good cat food? Can I feed Acana to my cats? Read more below. We have 5 foods listed below ranging in score from C to B

Similar to Orijen, Acana produces quality kibbles, but unfortunately they can be deadly to ferrets because of the pea content.

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Score Range



Analysis Ingredients
Name Score Meat Protein Fat grain-
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Acana Meadowlands B - 36% 18% deboned chicken deboned turkey chicken liver chicken meal catfish meal
Acana Grasslands B - 36% 18% deboned duck deboned chicken eggs chicken meal turkey meal
Acana Wild Prairie B - 37% 18% chicken meat turkey meat chicken liver dehydrated chicken meat dehydrated turkey meat
Acana Wild Atlantic B - 36% 18% whole mackerel whole herring whole hake acadian redfish mackerel meal
Acana Homestead Harvest C - 33% 16% deboned chicken chicken meal turkey meal oatmeal whole peas