Tracking changes in foods

by andrew

Today I just launched a new feature where I can keep track of all the changes in the different foods.

Here's an example, for Ziwipeak air-dried mackerel and lamb. Ziwi recently updated all of their air-dried recipes. Some of the protein, fat, and fiber percentages were also slightly changed. And the old URLs to their products were also broken.

Feb 20, 2023

Protein percentage increased from 43% to 44%
Fat percentage decreased from 25% to 24%
Fiber percentage increased from 2% to 3%
Source URL updated

Ingredients list changed:

mackerel inulin from chicory dried kelp sodium selenite
whole mackerel lamb spleen inulin dried apple pomace lamb cartilage dried organic kelp

This will only be for new changes moving forward, so unfortunately any past recipe changes are lost.

In the future I'm hoping to let you "watch" certain foods so that you get notified of changes. For now, when you view a food, if there have been changes since I started tracking it, a "History" tab will appear which you can click on for more details.